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Home, and why this site exists

Welcome to my personal website. Because of my parallel careers and lots of interests and hobbies, my personal and professional lives usually weave in and out of each other and constantly shape-shift. A site like this helps people get to know me, if they wish.

Also, and more importantly, this is a place for me to drop my thoughts, goals, stories, ideas, plans, and dreams.

I think personal sites to compile key information, like this, are going to become more and more important as time goes on.

Here are the specific reasons I built this website:

1) This site is a legacy project, influenced by this particular essay by Chris Guillebeau.

2) This site is a central point for organizing my personal and business ideas, along with contact info. Because I do lots of things that can seem quite divergent (just hover over the 'My Businesses + Websites' tab), I noticed in my analytics that people searching for me were not finding what they were looking for. This site should solve that.

3) I firmly believe the resume of the future is a personal site such as this. A central hub for telling your own story, sharing your beliefs, showcasing your skills, and making contact with an individual easier and faster. Want to contact me? 

4) I needed a place to put things like bios and headshots, stories of my businesses present and past, goals, dreams, bucket lists, important photos, and more. This site will help organize all the stuff I want to access later yet also share with my world.

5) I think transparency and personal history are essential for the 'personal branding' of the 21st century. By this I mean telling the world, without apology or hesitation, who you are, where you're from, what you believe in, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you offer to the world is some pretty powerful stuff. Far better than hiding behind the old school paper resume, which in essence says and achieves nothing.