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Jason Kallsen Photography

In my late tweens and early twenties, I had my sights set on being a photographer. I loved the idea of creating imagery, of establishing a style and building a name and brand around a "look."

In fact, we made quite a bit of progress toward that when we set up Dreamcatchers Photography in 1997 as a journalistic black and white wedding photo business. It had a good run, but shifts in our lives and the marketplace led to the decision to close it down. (See the page on Dreamcatchers Photography for more details.)

But photography is still near and dear to me, and something I need to focus on more because of the immense pleasure it gives me and the fact that's it's pretty much opposite of everything else I do (teaching, public speaking, mentoring, training).


Morning frost, Hills of Dundee, Oregon January 2009


In due time I hope to go forward again with photography. I own a fantastic Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera that kicks out awesome 6x7 cm negatives. I like the idea of scanning the negatives then using Photoshop as my darkroom. For about ten years we had a chemical darkroom in our house and if I never have to inhale fixer or spot correct a print again I'll be a happy guy.

Terroir Part One
A photo collection I put together called "Terroir Part One" with images of vineyards and the wine world.


Alto Adige Black and White
Alto Adige, Italy. May 2002.


Paris. April 2004.
Paris. April 2004.