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Kallsen Studio

KallsenStudioLogoKallsen Studio is the creative space our family maintains to have a place to go, close the door, turn on some good music, and get into deep work that matters to us. The current incarnation is in the Northrup King Building in the arts district of Northeast Minneapolis.

For me, it's often writing or photography. Editing photos, going through files of old negatives, designing businesses, or reading about leadership.

For my wife Angela, it's about painting, building, creating, and making magical things that reflect the incredible imagery in her head.

For my son Spencer, it's about a place to work on stories, visual and written, creating larger projects for future publication.

It's a place of our own, a place with few distractions, and a place where when all three of us go there we turn our phones off, we each find a corner or a chair or a table, and we get to work without talking or bothering each other. It's pretty magical.

Every once in awhile we open to the public, though we've been doing less and less of that over the years. For me it's more about a place of creative refuge, which means it's very private, which means I'm okay not inviting others in. Everybody should have a space like this.

A rare picture of our studio clean as can be. This kinda thing hardly ever happens.


Me in one of our former locations, October 2010
Me in one of our former locations, October 2010


Angela's work
Angela's work